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Jun 27, 2019








I felt like I didn't belong, until I remembered my true self. 


update to the podcast


#multicultural, #multiracial, #innertruth, #trueself, #authenticity, #iammei,...

Apr 25, 2019

I005 - Meilin Ehlke - "embracing being different"


growing up being different

concentrating on what brings us together

following your inner calling


Writers, speakers and entrepreneurs hire Meilin Ehlke, the shamanic songstress, to create infinite momentum, because most feel disembodied, misunderstood and alone. So...

Apr 11, 2019

Marine George
"are all multiculturals creative and when do we define ourselves as third culture children?"


growing up in Paris

following a dream and allowing yourself to be creative

when are we really third culture children?


This is where you can find Marine: